For ease of selection, the products have been sorted in categories dependent on the OCCASSIONS or TYPE

The site provides suggestions... dependent on the OCCASSIONS that one could use the jewellery for

Such as :

Office - Formal jewellery and light casual jewellery that's easy to handle and manage.

Party - Modern and traditional designs.

Modern designs that come handy for clubbing or a night out, while traditional neck pieces too are included for usage in wedding parties or other such occassions.

Outdoor - Light jewellery that can be worn during an outing in the day or night such as a beach, sight seeing, coffee shop etc.

Family Event - Formal jewellery that would be most appropriate for family events such as engagements, birthday parties, or even get togethers.

Festive - Jewellery for occasions like Navratri, Diwali, Ganpati, or even large festive getogethers.

The other categorisation is based on "TYPE" of jewellery.

Such as :

Contemporary - Modern designs that would go very well with western outfits as well as modern ethnic dresses.

Traditional - Jewellery that uses ethnic and traditional design pieces such as kundan and gold and silver beads.

Formal - Smart designs that are sophisticated and stylish, large pieces are also categorized as grand/majestic.

Vibrant - Jewellery made with striking colours that have an instantly appealing quality

Bold - Unconventional designs that would appeal to people of all ages with flair and confidence. This is standout jewellery that many could carry off with elan.

Light - Single line jewellery made with light stones and other materials. For a fine, comfort experience.

Grand - Neck pieces made in multiple lines, that maybe be slightly grander than usual.

Majestic - Even more grand! A cut above.

Day Wear - Peces that would do well to wear during the course of the day, could be in the 9ffice or at lunch or even in a outdoor environment.

Please be informed that these are just broad suggestions and guidelines and not necessarily rigid recommendations. All the jewellery listed could be worn on any occassion as per the choice and selection of

the user.