Charming Triple Line Neck Piece made with Real Jade and Mixed Gemstones (26 Inches)


  • Rs. 4,320.00 INR
  • Save Rs. 2,880.00 INR

This product is available for TRY AND BUY (In addition to regular online ordering and payment).

TRY AND BUY is available currently only in the following localities :




The areas covered are from CST / Colaba to Kalyan, CST to Panvel and Churchgate to Virar

Please choose the Try First Pay Later option on the payments page if your area falls within the serviced localities and if you would like to opt for Try and Buy. 

Call us on +91 88880 77755 if case you need any clarifications.


Please note the colours of the product may vary from screen to screen or monitor to monitor as each screen has different settings. Reds may sometimes look like pink or orange or blues may look like greens. Kindly factor such variations while placing the order. 

Goods once delivered will not be exchanged or refunded for colour variations.

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Customer Reviews

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